Mitra Communications is a boutique communications firm. Our integrated approach seamlessly blends writing, editing and communications strategy.

Our company is based in Austin, Texas, but we work virtually everywhere. Our client roster features Fortune 500 companies, as well as international businesses headquartered in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, United States and Canada.  We’re constantly collaborating with new partners and clients across geographies.


Founder and Chief Wordsmith, Radhika Mitra, holds the final pen on Mitra Communications’ writing and editing assignments, ensuring that every word of copy is on message, on brand, and on track to achieve its communications goals. She serves as primary writer on many of the company’s strategic projects. For large and multi-faceted projects, Mitra Communications’ exceptional team of associates stands ready to help: writers, editors, graphic designers, researchers, web professionals, proofreaders, photographers, and others.

Learn more about President and Chief Wordsmith, Radhika Mitra.

Radhika Mitra brings more than 15 years’ experience in journalism, public relations and marketing communications to her role as Chief Wordsmith at Mitra Communications.

Radhika’s background as a newspaper reporter, PR agency writer, and in-house marcom strategist at major companies gives her a unique 360 degree perspective of the nuances of key media.  She has written for a wide range of sectors, including technology, health, financial services, global public affairs, and social trends.

Having worked both sides of the “PR fence,” Radhika understands the fine art of balancing press demands and out-of-box communication with client needs and marketing goals.

At Mitra Communications, Radhika briefs writers on projects, directs content strategy and research, and works closely with team members as they develop their drafts.  Radhika also serves as lead writer on many of the company’s high-creative projects.

Radhika holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Texas in Austin.

"Radhika is highly enthusiastic and independently motivated to perform great work for clients."